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Useful Terms


The RHS Award of Garden Merit


To gain this award a plant must be:



  • Excellent for ordinary garden use

  • Generally available

  • Of good constitution

  • Reasonably easy to grow

  • Reasonably resistant to pests and diseases

  • Essentially stable in form and colour


Plant Breeders' Rights


PBR's are a form of intellectual property designed specifically to protect new varieties of plants.

They entitle the holder to prevent anyone doing the following acts to propagating material without authority:


  • production or reproduction (multiplication)

  • selling or other marketing

  • conditioning for the purpose of propagation

  • offering for sale

  • exporting/importing

  • stocking for any of the purposes mentioned above

  • any other act that may be prescribed by the provisions of the Plant Varieties Act 1997


Plant Heritage Guardian


The Plant Heritage Guardian is a person who is conserving a plant or plants


The Plant Heritage Guardian Scheme records plants conserved by Plant Heritage members in small numbers in their gardens;

  • the plants are assessed as Threatened by the Threatened Plants Project (TPP)

  • or the International Union For The Conservation of Nature (IUCN)


  • Double flowered; this describes varieties of flowers with extra petals, often containing flowers within flowers

Straight Species


Binomial nomenclature (plant naming) recognises, Family name, Genus and species in that order


  • The term 'straight species' is commonly used to describe the originating Genera and species as opposed to any varietal or cultivated changes

f. is an abbreviation for form and simply means form, the form of that specific subspecies, an example would be Geranium oxonianum f. thurstonianum

Garden Escapes

Species that are not native to Britian but have become naturalised in the wild are known as 'garden escapes'

British Native

Species that are native to Britian