Garden designer and Geranium expert based in Hampshire.

Whether you enjoy herbs, fruit and vegetables, wildlife or evening lighting that matches your mood or all of those things rolled into one, the plants are often what makes the look the reality.


Trees and shrubs create the essential structure in a garden, it is easy to choose the wrong plant for the wrong spot, wasting money over the years and feeling disheartened when you look out of the window, I will make sure that does not happen to you.


Gardens Weekly offers an appraisal of any planting project within the Hampshire area. I will survey the site and the soil and draw up a planting scheme to suit your requirements.

Wildlife in gardens.

Are you looking to plant your garden from new? Do you have a border you want to re-plant or are you just trying to fill an empty corner of your garden? Then it’s important to not only combine colour, shape and texture, but it is essential that you make the right choice of plants for your soil type and aspect in order to create the desired look you are trying to achieve.


Creating a balanced layout can be a daunting prospect but with the correct advice, it can be achieved quickly and simply. Gardens Weekly planting schemes, offer a seasonal planting scheme and maintenance manual. Plants can be supplied and installed for the very large garden to the small courtyard  


I will spend time with you working out your colour palette, your plant favourites, your ambitions for your patch or if you don't have the time I will work it out from a few key points on an e mail questionaire.


Bringing Your Garden

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