Garden designer and Geranium expert based in Hampshire.



Student Profile


Janet is in her 60’s and lives in Farnham


These are her words about the new garden design course

she has just completed at The Winchester Discovery Centre...


'I have been gardening professionally for 22 years

while bringing up 3 children, who have now left home.


I had completed a part-time Royal Horticultural Society

evening course on the principles of gardening

before starting to work, firstly as a gardener with a company in London,

then freelance with my own clients.  

I have always spent a lot of time redesigning my own gardens and

I'd heard about the new course through a friend who had been

taught by Chris Bird.

I had been wanting to study garden design for some time

but the cost of other courses (thousands of pounds) was prohibitive.


I have now learnt how to measure, draw to scale and produce a

professional plan. I am used to clients but I'm now better informed

about pricing and contracts.

Previously I could only talk clients through the possibilities but

I now feel confident to describe myself as a garden designer

which I previously felt unqualified to do.


The course is a very affordable and takes place outside of work time.


I plan to concentrate on becoming a designer and put what I’ve learnt into practice'

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