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Christine Walkdens Evening 19th March 2014


Christine started by sitting with two lucky audience members and having a sarnie in the cafe

outside The Performance Hall at The Discovery Centre at Winchester!She spoke 'without stopping' about her eventful,

challenging 45 years as a gardener. The audience was enraptured from start to finish. Christine got an allotment aged 11,

after haranguing the council. She successfully badgered the colleges to take her on to study horticulture

even though she was too young.

She qualified and then fought tooth and nail to get a job eventually landing one in 'Parks and Cemetries'

One stand alone female youngster with 12 burly men who didn't want her there! She stuck that out digging graves and

becoming even more fascinated by soil as a result.She went on to qualify further and rise up through the ranks to the

woman that is known and loved by us all today.


A memorable quote from Christine that resonated with everyone was  'Humans are like plants they need nurturing in just the same way'


Rona e mailed gardensweekly 'It goes to show what you can get with determination and grit, she showed them'

Vivienne & Brian emailed gardensweekly 'Thankyou, she is such a personality, we loved her'

and some tweets ...





















As before the free audience goody bags went down a treat!

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'An entertaining evening

enjoyed by all present.

Thanks to Gardens Weekly

and all those present for a

lovely evening'.







Behind the scenes...

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