Garden designer and Geranium expert based in Hampshire.

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Student Profile


Andrew is 60 and lives in Christchurch


These are his words about the new garden design course

he has just completed at The Winchester Discovery Centre...


'I have got a degree in Geography (someone had to have one)

and I'm married with two boys.  

I'm  recently retired and never expected to be so so busy, they all say that but it is true.

As a kiddie I was 'allotment assistant' and have been self-taught for 40 years.


I am an allotment holder and have successfully attained

the Royal Horticultural Society Diploma in Horticulture, which I am very proud of.

In 2013 I thoroughly enjoyed a three day garden study tour in the West Country

with Chris Bird who is simply a 'great teacher',

and he had also taught me during my Diploma.

So it was an easy decision to sign up to the Gardens Weekly Design course,

which has hugely added to my appreciation of

colour in the garden, seasons and

the significance of proportion and viewpoints.


My main purpose for doing the course was for my own garden,

which I have already re-designed, actioned and planted out.

The most useful thing about the course for me personally was

plant choice considerations and how the industry works in a practical sense.

I have already recommended the course to a friend who has since signed up to the course himself!


The course is excellent value with a very wide breadth of subject covered over the 15 weeks.


My plan for the future is to continue to improve my own garden and  

maintain my knowledge of planting, seasons and garden design.